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Other May 2, 2013 at 3:23 pm

Rat Roadkill

I bike through Columbia Heights a lot and recently I have been noticing a lot of rat roadkill. One night last week I passed 2 rats on 13th St in the block north of Park. Then this morning I passed another on 14th by the Potbelly. Is there a branch of DC government that collects this? Does Columbia Heights have a big rat problem?

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Last summer there was probably about a rat a week squished in the alley behind my house. Nasty. This was in Dupont and I can only imagine Columbia Heights and, really, all neighborhoods with a lot of restaurants, group houses, alleys, etc has the same issue. Even saw a rat eating rat roadkill. Sorry this doesn’t answer the question, I’m just sharing my trauma.

Call 311.  The city will send someone out to clean it up.  (And you thought your job sucked…)

I know we have had a lot of rats near Sherman Ave. in Columbia Heights, supposedly stirred up by all the construction and moving to new neighborhoods. But yes, you can call 311. Also, our ANC worked with the city to get a bunch of rat traps put around in our neighborhood, which was cool of them. The city has a special Rodent Control truck.

Or you could just put your hand in a plastic bag – maybe double bagged – pick it up and drop it in a trash bin.

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