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Home and Garden January 7, 2016 at 5:16 pm

Rat in Apartment

Hi All,

Hoping someone has advice to help me deal with my property management company. We’ve had a rat/s in our apartment since September. Although the property management company laid down a couple of traps and sealed up the holes, it keeps getting in and out. Our management company has basically admitted they don’t know what else to do to get rid of it. Making matters worse, there has been a horrible odor coming out of our oven/stove for 2 months, we think the rat may have spent some time in the insulation. The company does not want to replace the oven until they can get rid of the rat, so we’re in a bit of pickle. Has anyone had success in situations like this? Ideally we’d like a new oven, but we’d even settle for being let out of our lease. We’re month to month, but we need to give sixty days notice to get out of the unit. Any insight would be great!


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