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Home and Garden February 9, 2012 at 2:26 am

Rat Hunting?

I have a rat. In my house. As I type. I hear it scurrying around in the wall! I had been wondering why my cat was acting like a dork and staring at a particular wall in my house for the past several hours but now I hear what she hears! 
Any pointers on what to do? Do I try to fish the rat out by putting up traps in random places (where the cat can’t get them, of course)? 

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I would seek help. Where there is one, most likely there are many.

A cat can only do so much.

I had a major infestation of mice, I purchased an electric trap.  Amazing, I caught 7 of them in the first 24 hours of deployment.  You bait the trap with a peanut, go away, when you see a flashing white light, you know you have caught something.  You take the trap to the trash and shake it out.  Sweet.  They have them for rats too.

Call American Pest, 877-282-1886.  We have this problem and they have been very thorough, down to getting under our back deck to check for holes in the foundation.  You can pay per hour or sign up for an ongoing plan.


Call an exterminator – don’t wait, it will just get worse and those suckers are gross and aggresive.  
Affordable Pest was, in fact, affordable and BEYOND helpful during my months-long, crazy-hoarder-neighbor-induced, so-bad-we-had-to-move bed bug nightmare.  In particular, Emannuel went above and beyond the call of duty, checking out said neighbor’s house, helping us figure out the source of the problem, etc.  So I would imagine they can take care of one rat, no trouble.

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