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Other May 16, 2013 at 6:53 pm

Random Question – “He stole my phone”

Random question but I just saw a women running south, down the middle of 14th Street from the corner of 14th and Irving.  I was too far away to see much beyond her, but I could hear her yelling: “he stole my phone, he stole my phone!”  She was booking it and then I saw a security guard and someone else give chase, then a few minutes later heard police cars/sirens screeching in the background.
I am sure running down the middle of the street and also chasing a thief will be debated as to smart/not smart, but my question is – does anyone know how it ended? 

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Thanks – however, that article referenced a theft @ Capitol Hill… the one I saw last night was in Columbia Heights.  Either way, it just shoes that cell phone are a hot commodity.  I do hope the woman giving chase last night down 14th got her phone back; she deserves it as she was really booking it after the punk/thief.

I saw that too! yesterday around 6:00, by the time I got to the corner of 14th and Irving I couldn’t see anything. I also would like to know what happened!

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