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Random DCRA inspection?

Came home to a flyer on our door from DCRA saying they had come by and “attempted to inspect” our house–and we should call to reschedule. Anyone ever hear of that? Do they random inspect or would someone have called them? We’ve had some painting recently done and repairs to our staircase but nothing that seemed to need permitting, and nothing that has irritated neighbors to the best of our knowledge. I’m on good terms with them all (I think). Strikes me as very odd (also because they note a different address than our house–it’s a corner and used to have doors on both streets but they used the old address that no longer has a door and isn’t the official address). Anyone hear of a scam this way? Wondering if I should call to reschedule or ignore.

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Oh, we did also have old abandoned pipes (radiator plumbimg, we guess) in the crawlspace removed–they were laid in our sideyard for maybe a day before being taken away. Again our adjoining neighbors never spoke of it.

I got one for a random fire safety inspection a few months ago. I also thought it was weird, seeing as it’s a private residence (DCRA’s site said they only do it for commercial buildings unless requested) and we had no history or indication of fire nearby. I called the number listed and they could never manage to connect me with the inspector so I just gave up. Never heard a peep since.

“Please give me a call at 202-442-8935 regarding the notice you received. DCRA does conduct random inspections but most are complaint driven.
Director Nick Majett”

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