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PoPville May 8, 2013 at 11:16 am

Randolph/Quincy Adopt a Block Club

Is there interest in setting up a Randolph/Quincy Adopt a Block Group
(between 14th and 10th)?

The basic requirements are to, for a minimum 2 square block area
(including alleys), conduct bi-weekly litter pick ups and quarterly
clean and green days, including reporting issues such as graffitti,
sign and light issues, illegal dumping, etc. The city provides
materials. Happy consider shifting or expanding the block coverage so
long as it covers the 1300 block of Randolph. I would recommend
keeping it fairly small until we have proven participation.

More information on the Adopt a Block program can be found here:
If you are interested, either reply below or message me!  Thanks!

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Count me in!

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