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Hi all,
since it’s late August/early September, ragweed season should be in full force by now – and sure enough, I’ve been sneezing and rubbing my eyes a lot, especially these last few days. I think the ragweed pollen season must be pretty bad this year as I feel awful, while during previous years at least within DC it had been mostly ok. However, the weather sites continue to list ragweed pollen count as “low” – I believe my allergic reactions more than the weather sites, but just wanted to check if I am the only one? Any fellow DC ragweed sufferers at this moment?

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Are you sure it’s ragweed you’re allergic to? The Weather Channel has listed both grass and weed pollen at moderate rates this past week.

I’ve had a hell of a year with various allergies, and am not exactly sure which ones I’ve got, but powers of deduction and looking at the pollen count have led me to conclude it was likely birch tree in spring and mold right now (I’m always far worse during and after rainy days, hence the mold conclusion). But I hear ya on the suffering–this year has been miserable!


pretty sure it’s the ragweed, nothing else gives me sneezing and itchy eyes like this. ragweed season is always late August/early September while the pollen count has been low for weeks now on the weather websites – which makes me so suspicious of them… but who knows!

It’s totally killing me and several of my friends. I heard it was ragweed as well – but I’ve never experienced Fall allergies in DC at this level before.

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