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R u ready for a whole lotta (unconditional) love?

Some ladies at Bread for the City initially responded to the wails of this kitten as they were strolling by my neighbors home on P St NW. It’s clearly abandoned, but at it’s age (3-4 weeks), it probably survived the Derecho and searing temperatures on it’s wit and instincts alone. The ladies brought it some water, but given how quickly it devoured a qtr can of kitten food, it was clearly almost starved to death. It’s had some maternal nurturing — it can clean and poop itself; it has been okay so far with canned kitten food, it’s a good eater. 

It’s ready to give some deserving home owner a whole lotta (unconditional) love. Who’s not into that?

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OMG, adorable kitten!
5thstgardener, are you fostering this kitten yourself, or is he still on the streets?  If he’s still on the streets, I could easily take him in temporarily.

unpredictable summer weather wld make its chances of survival and avoiding dehydration very slim so we brought it in. but lawyers for my two adult cats insist that according to their contract this “new kitty thing” can only be temporary transitional arrangement.

You might want to call the Washington Humane Society if you’re unable to keep the kitten.  They will take him/her in, have a vet check him/her out, and make sure it’s getting the proper food.  I’m sure they’ll find a home for this cute little kitten in no time!

thanks, talula, but I have two rescue cats, now full grown, abandned by their feral mother before they opened their eyes. The fact is that even healthy kittens are more likely than not to be euthenized. There are so many of them. I’d rather let this one have fun romping around the house than sitting in a cage separated from any warm friendly contact until I find better living situation. If we’re looking at its last days. I’d rather they be happy until the time comes.

I volunteer at the Humane Society, and because of their lack of resources/space and their policy of accepting any animal that is dropped off, they do enthanize those animals who are sick or aggressive, unfortunately.  However, they would not enthanize a healthy, adoptable kitten.  Also the staff and volunteers, including myself, take time to give all of the animals warm and friendly human contact.  It was just a suggestion in case keeping the kitten at your home with your other cats wasn’t an option.  If you don’t agree with the Humane Society’s policies, there are other rescue organizations that would probably take the kitten (WARL, for example).  Regardless, thanks for taking in the kitten and hope it gets a forever home soon.

The Washington Animal Rescue League is another option, but it seems quite a few PoP posts about kittens and cats looking for permanent homes have resulted in adoptions so this might be enough.  Good luck!  I could probably temporarily foster, as well, in case your cats’ patience wears thin.

I don’t think WARL and other no-kill shelters (or rescue groups) will take animals from individuals; usually they pull animals from high-kill shelters.
Maybe they occasionally make exceptions, but there’s no information on the WARL site along the lines of “I found a stray animal in my neighborhood.  How can I get WARL to take it in?”

talula are you allowed to publish stats on how many healthy animals (particularly cats) WHS takes in (each year / so far this year)?
how many healthy cats are actually adopted and how many put to rest?

I didn’t think WARL took in owner-surrended animals, but I thought they sometimes help out in cases like this.  Sorry if I got that wrong.
No luck, 5thstgardener?

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