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Quiet Date Places in D.C.

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Hey folks! I’m looking for nice little quiet places to have a date in D.C., places without loud music, where, even if lots of people are present, the din doesn’t get overwhelming. I went to the new Laotian restaurant a few weeks ago, and it was overwhelmingly loud. I hate that. My date and I are still getting to know each other!

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I went to The Coupe in Col Hts last weekend and it was a great place, although now that I post this it might get busier. It probably really depends on the day you go out. Bars and restaurants in Petworth generally are less busy though so they do well for dating if you ask me.

There is a new Paul on K Street NW & 13th St NW; french, relaxing, coffee, etc.

what about crane & turtle in petworth? make a reservation ahead of time, though!

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