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Life and Society October 6, 2012 at 5:10 pm

Quaker (Friends) Meeting

I’m looking for a local DC Quaker meeting house.  Preferably in the Tenley/AU Park area but really any suggestions would be great.  Thanks!

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Sidwell Friends Academy is in the area and that is affiliated with the Quaker movement. If they do not have a meeting house on campus they certainly should be able to tell you where to go.


Googling gets you the only in-town meeting I know about: http://www.quakersdc.org/
There is also one in Bethesda: http://www.bethesdafriends.org/index.shtml


I knew only of the one in Dupont (2111 Florida Ave NW – http://www.quakersdc.org/ ) and one in Adelphi, MD (near the University of Maryland), but Saf’s FGC link shows one in Capitol Hill and one at Sidwell Friends.
See also http://www.quaker.org/meetings.html .

I’m a member of the Capitol Hill Friends group (http://www.capitolhillfriends.org/).  Unlike most of the Quaker meetings in the area, we meet on Sunday afternoons starting at 4.  You’d be very welcome!

Also, the website http://www.quakermaps.com/ is a great place to go to find area Quaker meetings in a visual and easy to use format.  Each meeting has it’s own flavor and character, so hopefully you kind find something that fits you.

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