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Other February 14, 2012 at 3:10 pm

Proposal on the Mall?

I’m not one of the many doing it today, but I am planning to propose in the near future. I think I want to do it on the island in the Constitution Gardens pond. It would be in the evening, maybe 7ish. Has anyone ever been down there at about that time in February or March? I’m curious how many people are around at that time. It never seems overly busy there even during the summer. Ideally, I would like it to be pretty private. Thanks for the help.

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I jogged past the area last week about 5:30ish and it was completely vacant.

There’s usually nobody there at night. A little more info for your planning: Sunset will be around 6:00 end of February and beginning of March). Full Moon will be on March 8, and the moon will be rising at 6:52 there’ll be some moon light around 7:00.

Thumbs up on a great location! My husband proposed to me while sitting on a bench near the pond. That little private nook is the Mall’s hidden gem. Not many tourist and the sounds of traffic are buffered by the weeping willows.

I almost proposed to my fiance there last spring. The biggest issue is the goose droppings. There are a lot there. I was going to lay down a picnic blanket under the tree with a great view of the Washington Monument. I was going to bring wine, a bagette and cheese. The best bagettes are at whole foods. They are just fresher than everywhere else I tried. I didn’t end up doing it there because my fiance was in New York and it was still too cold the weekends that she came down. I always imagined proposing to her on one of the first days of spring. I ended up doing it on a secluded beach on Cumberland Island in Georgia.
A couple more things.. it’s most romantic during dusk but be aware of the helicopter that circles the Mall area. It seemed to come around every 5 minutes or so. You don’t want that to distract from your proposal.

I just noticed that Pablo responded….
After she/he says yes then ask Pablo to do the engagement photos. He did ours and they turned out great!

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