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Real Estate March 10, 2014 at 12:45 pm

Property Management Experiences?

Our 30-ish unit co-op building is considering changing property management companies. So, fellow co-op/condo board-members and residents, what company do you use? How has the experience been? Would you recommend them?

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My building uses ROBTC and they SUCK. There is zero effort from the president of the company I assist on any matter. Snow never gets shoveled, walls are all marked up, no gardener to trim tree. NOTHING. Nevermind they charge $300/month. Won’t even give us a rundown on budget. DO NOT USE ROBTC.

I am privy to a debacle that occurred on Champlain street where a company (EJF) took out a loan for $1.1 million in an effort to divest the co-op residents of their property. I recently attended a party at 3D (police station) where they were celebrating their new arrangement with Lighthouse Management. check them out.


My building switched from Tilton Bernstein to The New Washington Land Company last winter and we couldn’t be happier. TNWLC’s staff are extremely responsive, courteous, and professional. Our building manager, Josh, is attentive, organized, thorough, and manages to stay on top of all the projects/questions/concerns without missing a beat. I cannot say enough nice things about TNWLC, but Tilton Bernstein left a lot to be desired. In fact, I joined my condo board expressly because I was frustrated with their service.

cwanderson – As a member of a coop currently managed by EJF, I’d love to know much more! I have heard suspicions expressed by some residents that EJF could attempt something like that.

well Mahajan, I am new on this forum so can’t find your email to PM you, and don’t quite yet want to post mine, but we will figure it out.

In the case I am referring to EJF was a “manageing” a section8 co-operative building of 28 units, 10 of which were unoccupied and not even rentable due to lack of maintenance/renovation, etc.

Basically they were messing with older people, and creating dissension on their Board, a law suit I believe is in progress.

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