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Home and Garden March 21, 2013 at 8:29 am

Professional organizer recs?

So, I’ve given up on solving the clutter problem myself. Does anyone have recommendations for a professional organizer? How much did they cost and did they offer anything more than a good trip to the Container Store? My house is tiny so I would be especially interested in someone who could make the most out of a small space. Thanks!

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Check out Splendidly Organized: Ceci’s great –she offers practical, creative solutions for people in small spaces and is really easy to work with!

We used Clutterbusters via a LivingSocial deal. It was amazingly effective. Our organizer was very nice, super helpful and we didn’t buy a single thing!  She worked with what we had and we literally doubled our storage space in a very small apartment. I would highly recommend them.

Check out – Kim is fabulous!

I just made an appointment thru Clutterbusters with Joanna Hook.  Her style and mine jibe well.  Watch out for Judy Tiger, she is very aggressive and has her own agenda.  I was also very disappointed with Graceful Transitions.  The organizer cancelled on me three times!  Then they said they weren’t up to cleaning my apartment (I had only asked for organizing help). 

Susan Hayes – Paperclip.  She is really good and adaptable to all situations.

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