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Other July 5, 2012 at 12:27 pm

Primary Care or OB/GYN Recommendations?

I LOVE my doctor, but I just got a notice in the mail that they are turning in to a members only boutique facility, so at a “discounted cost” of $25 a month, I can have special service. While they won’t turn you away if you need your check up, the whole thought turns me off.  I might give it a try because I only go to the doctor once a year, if that, but the idea of being on a wait list because I’m not paying $300 a year for the pleasure of scheduling an appointment with my doctor.
Any youngish PoPers have a great doctor to recommend?  I will need a specialist soon enough, as my husband and I try to start a family, so perhaps this is a good opportunity to find one I like and then go from there?  It’s so hard to find a doctor you really like, so I’m hopeful that I can find my next great one on a recommendation (my current one was on a recommendation from a then-friend).
I’d prefer to stay in DC or close-in MontCo….

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Reiter, Hill, Johnson & Nevin in Dupont for OB/GYN. They are phenomenal. I didn’t even know before I went, but half of my coworkers go to them. Even the front desk/accounting people are pleasant and helpful, and that’s saying something.

My doctor’s office did the same thing about a year ago.  I decided I’d stick it out and see if anything changes if I’m not paying, and I don’t know if they just didn’t get enough takers, because the service is exactly the same and there has never been a mention of it when I’ve gone in.  One of my friends who also goes there never even got a letter notifying her.  If you love your doctor, you might want to just wait and see if anything actually changes.


Flynn, I think she’s an RN. Super thorough, super awesome. I never feel rushed there.

Dr. Marie-Anne Draoui at the Washington Hospital Center.  She’s awesome.  I’ve been going to her for about 10 years now and just referred the daughter of one of my friends.  She liked Dr. Draoui so much that she insists on driving to DC from college to see her.

I went to Reiters, Hill, Johnson & Nevin for about 3-4 years. Aside from the long waits, overly cramped waiting room, and “baby” factory feel, it was good for me when all I needed was my annual and some birth control.  Then I began having some real issues with my health, they were not able to help me, the rotating cast of PAs seemed to never look at my records (trying to give me meds that were unsuccessful), and everyone was seriously lacking in the bedside manner.  I was chastised by the sonogram tech for crying, you’d think that a GYN office would have more sympathy for someone in my situation.  I know a lot of women who go here and love the place, but in the end, it just wasnt for me.  
At the end of my rope, I switched to Dr. Bruce Bonn, and have not looked back!  I aboslutely adore this man, he is a great doctor.  Very attentive, very understanding, and has a great sense of humor.  During my first visit, he had already seen my records, and listened to me and my troubles.  Its a much smaller practice, and his staff knows me.  It is not difficult to get appointments, and you will be seen at your appointed time!  I love Dr. Bonn and I recommend him highly! 

He does! Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO

yeah, I don’t have BCBS – it’s more expensive….I guess THAT is something to evaluate when it’s baby time

April Rubin, a gyno on Capitol Hill. Her office is in her own townhome, which makes it a very pleasant but professional non-hospital experience. She is compassionate and no-BS, never keeps me waiting and I am usually in and out in 30 minutes.

Thanks for all the great recommendations – I’m going to try to speak with my current p/c doc to see if she has any recommendations. We have about a year before we even try (and maybe 8-9 months before we stop trying to NOT get pregnant), so I’m starting to think having a girl doctor I am already somewhat comfortable with would be a better situation.  It’s very hard, especially for ob/gyns….there aren’t many of them, and for some reason it seems they aren’t personable.  Is it from looking at crotches all day? You’d think bringing babies in to the world would make you happy….until you have to pay your malpractice insurance I guess.  I will check these out though


Foxhall OB/GYN at Sibley. I just had a baby there a couple of weeks ago and all of the doctors in the practice are amazing. Most are fairly young and all very friendly. The office is new as well so its nice and modern.

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