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Real Estate January 25, 2013 at 7:26 am

Preserving Naylor Court Historic (contributing) building

Today our neighborhood won a huge victory for the little building at 1322 9th Street in Naylor Court that was under a raze death threat!

(1) Unanimous board support to block the raze permit.

(2) Unanimous support to deem the building as a contributing structure in the alley.

(3) A powerful admonition of the owner for the deplorable state of affairs over 20 plus years of ownership.

(4) A compelling argument for the owner to immediately secure the properly before it collapses while awaiting the Mayor’s agent decision. (assuming an appeal)

(5) A motion to immediately work with HPO and DCRA to secure the property.

The televideo proceedings are archived here: –

Thanks to everyone for your support through this process.

A special thanks to Martin Smith who turned up to give an erudite and impassioned plea as an immediate neighbor with excellent credentials that impressed the panel.

Thanks also to the ANC-2F chairs for supporting this opposition. The value of the ANC letter was high and deeply appreciated by the HPRB staff members. 

Now the question is how to prevent an illegal “tear down in the middle of the night or over a weekend” where the building somehow magically collapses on its own!?
Any suggestions? Any experience with this situation?
David Salter


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