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Prescription Drug Disposal?

Anyone know where to dispose of old prescription drugs? I called 311 and the woman said to take them to the dump at 4900 John McCormick Rd NE (Ft. Totten Transfer Station). The city’s website, however, says old medicines are not accepted there ( and that I should just put the drugs in the trash. I’ve never heard of doing that (I know in other municipalities the concern about drugs getting into the water supply counsels towards other disposal methods).

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I would follow DPW’s instructions, i.e. throw them in the trash. The FDA seems to think it’s fine as long as it conforms with the requirements of the local jurisdiction.

When my grandmother passed, we took the remaining medication to the fire station in Arlington; I am not sure if they have a special program for drug disposal, or if all fire stations could take them…?

You can also put them in a bucket with Coke and that will dissolve them. Local Police departments may also take them.

Even if you dissolve them with Coke, presumably the dissolved contents will get into the water supply.

IMO, better to throw them in the trash. (Maybe put them inside a Ziplock-type bag to reduce the chances of their leaching into the landfill?)

The best way to dispose of prescription drugs is to go to CVS and pick up one of the envelopes they have for just this purpose. You can send off old drugs through a service they have and it is free (I think) or really cheap. Here is a link that describes the program. Just pick up the envelopes at the prescription counter in any CVS:

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