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Children March 29, 2013 at 12:59 pm

Prengant women groups in DC

I’m newly pregnant and would love to join a pregnant moms in-person meeting group in the DC area (could also be in NOVA or Bethesda). Would anybody know of such a group? If not, if you are pregnant, would you like to form a group with me?

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Try Mom’s on the HIll – I don’t know if you actually have to live on Cap Hill to join – but is seems like every pregnant chick I know of sites them.  Or try, they have a group for EVERYTHING

If you plan on breastfeeding, definitely take classes at the breastfeeding center ( It is a wonderful way to meet other expecting moms and to ask questions of an experienced lactation consultant. Often times these classes end up acting as more of a support group where people share ideas and experiences. Also, joining a birth class is a great way to meet moms who are due around the same time as you.

I’d love to form a group with you- I’m 15 weeks now and don’t know any other pregnant women in DC. Let me know how to get in touch.

I would love to join a pregnant moms group too! I am 15 weeks (due in Sept.) and it would be great to meet some “moms-to-be” in the NW DC area!! 

Dear Kaitieroses-
Great! Email me at my address above too and we can plan a get together.

I would love to join your group as well! I am 10 weeks pregnant and don’t know many moms, especially expectant moms. I live in Mt Pleasant and work south of Dupont.


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