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Pre-Marital Counseling

My boyfriend and I just got engaged and I am looking for suggestions for places in DC that do non-religious pre-marital counseling. Think pre-cana but without the religious bent. Anyone have a good experience?
Also, we’re going to be getting married at a courthouse and I was wondering if anyone had gotten married in any of the Maryland courthouses and felt like it was particularly nice. I suspect the rooms they marry people in are all similarly bland, but figured I’d throw the question out there.

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We used this one: It’s just a single day retreat. Most of the things they covered we had worked through already (e.g., money, kids, sex) but It fulfilled my desire to have more structured conversations about big issues and have a few strategies in place to address them. In the end, I think I would have preferred several shorter sessions with a more involved counselor. 

Thank you for the response. And apologies for accidentally hitting the -1 vote. That certainly wasn’t my intention!

I called my company’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which directed helped me find a therapist who specialized in pre-martial counseling. We got 3 sessions for free. You should see if your employer offers EAP.

That’s a great idea! Thank you! My employer does offer EAP.

I apologize that my answer is borderline unresponsive but, as for courthouse weddings, my wife and I had one last June.  We were married at the DC courthouse with a small group of family/friends and a photographer, then immediately walked three blocks to the National Gallery sculpture garden, where we met a larger group of friends and exchanged vows that we wrote for one another, did a photo shoot and had a couple of rounds of drinks at the cafe.  We then walked a couple blocks to the restaurant Central, where we crashed the bar with about 20 people when it opened at 5pm (because called in advance and realized we couldn’t afford the $2,500 minimum for a party our size).  We all had seats, ate and drank great food, and spent about $800.  It was awesome!  The locations are particularly sentimental to us because we had our first date at the sculpture garden, followed by dinner at Central, a few years ago.  But my larger point is, think outside the courthouse even when doing a courthouse wedding.  Even if you can’t find a courthouse with a spectacular ceremony room (DC’s certainly isn’t spectacular), you might be able to find a location nearby to continue the festivities.  Congrats and have fun!

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