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My husband and I bought a powerboat and are awaiting delivery. We will be docked in DC and are wondering if anyone has any general advice about boating in the upper Potomac. We mainly want to cruise and do some light fishing (downriver). We had some specific questions too:

The boats that tie up to one another up the river from Georgetown – what is the deal with this? Do they know each other, or is this like in the south where anyone pulls up to a sandbar and just hangs out?

Any advice about marinas? We are attracted to James Creek due to price and the fact that the rest of the waterfront is so tied up with construction, but haven’t rented a slip yet.

Are there any online forums that are popular for boaters in this region? The ones I have found seem like they haven’t been updated recently.

What are some good destinations that can be reached in a day trip from DC, via a small powerboat?

Any advice is appreciated!

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Hi! I posted almost an exact duplicate of this question a few months back and received no reply. I did do a bit of research and discovered that the marina right at Buzzard Point in SW DC has wet slips available. They were reasonable too. We never got so far as actually buying a boat, I was just putting the pieces together. I’m guessing the people who tie up together in Georgetown are friends, but they probably met on the water or at their marina. You could take the boat out the Potomac going towards the Bay. There are some waterfront restaurants out by Fort Washington. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you purchase your boat? I’m from Florida and down there you can stop a massive boat lots – just like a big car lot – and shop for a new or used boat. Other than Craigslist, I couldn’t find a boat sales place in the area.

Hi Brandon, I happen to be from Florida, too, so I understand your consternation! We did go the Craigslist/BoatTrader route and ended up finding a boat at a small boatyard up along the MD/DE border. We had to cast a pretty wide net and spend some serious time driving around the Eastern Shore/Annapolis/Baltimore in order to find anything. Due to the time of year, a lot of boats we were interested in were bought at full price before we could even go see them. Unless you are looking for a serious yacht, the boat dealers close to DC are pretty useless – the concentration of smaller fishing-style boats is definitely farther east/north of this area.

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