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Topic: Possible stolen red Vespa seen on Cap Hill

Travel and Transportation July 6, 2015 at 4:09 pm

Possible stolen red Vespa seen on Cap Hill

I was having lunch at Pret on Cap Hill (3rd & Penn SE) this afternoon around 1:20ish and heard this sickly sounding scoot buzzing around the neighborhood being joyridden by a couple of guys. I snapped a pic when it circled the block a second time. As the riders had no helmets, didn’t seem to know how to ride, had no plates, weaved onto the side walk a couple of times, and the engine sounded really bad for a usually quiet modern Vespa (it sounded like a really loud weed whacker), I assumed it might be stolen. One of the guys pulled over right next to where I was eating when the engine stalled and struggled to get it up on the stand while his friend fiddled with some wires trying to restart it (neither had keys). Then they just walked off, leaving it there. I called the cops. While I was waiting for the PD to show up, I started to walk over to get the VIN off the bike when the two guys came back. They noticed me noticing their scoot, quickly hotwired it, and took off North on 3rd. A friend pointed out to me that the exhaust has been ripped off the bike (cause of noise)…it’s likely the bike was chained up around the exhaust, which was just yanked off in order to steal the thing. The police did show up, but it was an hour and a half later and I was already back at work.

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Thanks so much for posting this, I really believe that it is my scooter with the mirrors taken off. I did have a heavy duty chain on the back wheel that they must have finagled off when ripping the exhaust off.

I would really appreciate any more information that you could provide or if you/anyone that you know happens to see the scooter again, please contact me directly. My email is [email protected]

Thank you!

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