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Events August 31, 2014 at 4:08 pm

Possible child exploitation?

I just received two phone calls from unfamiliar numbers based in Woodbridge, Virginia. I missed the first one but answered the second one. It was a young girl speaking in accented English who said she was 10 and asked if I wanted to be her friend. I was really confused and asked who she was – she told me a name but I didn’t quite catch it – the first name might have been Inga? I told her I thought she had the wrong number, but she repeated that she wanted to be my friend. I asked her if she was OK or needed help or if someone was hurting her, and she said no, and then sounded like she put the phone down to talk to someone. I asked how she got my number and she said that her friend knew me and gave her my phone number, but when I asked who the friend was, she hung up.

Maybe it was just kids making prank calls? Should I do anything about this? When I describe it, it sounds fairly innocent, but on the phone it felt really, really weird. Although it didn’t sound like she was reading from a script – it felt more like she thought i was expecting her call. FWIW I also have a 703-area code phone. Anyway, probably nothing I can do, but.. I just feel really unsettled by the whole thing.


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