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General Discussion October 21, 2014 at 3:49 pm

Political Vandalism

Thought the Forum would be interested in some political sign vandalism I witnessed last Thursday (Oct 9th) around 7pm on the corner of 17th & T streets in Dupont Circle.

I was walking to my apartment when I witnessed a women in her 30s pushing a stroller with a baby, tear down TWO “Vote Yes on Initiative 71 (Legalize Marijuana)” signs. She casually then walked and threw them into the closest trash can. I couldn’t believe it; and as I walked by her I said “So I guess you don’t like marijuana?” to which she began to inform me that the initative “sends a horrible message to the children in the city!”. I replied, “Oh, so I guess you are just a fascist.” She was pretty flummoxed as I walked away, but even I wasn’t going to get into a political argument with a mother and her baby.

It doesn’t matter that I am pro-Initiative 71; regardless on how you feel about a political issue or candidate, one should never tear down a sign, which I believe is illegal. She is entitled to her opinion, and it should be voiced on Nov. 4th at the ballot box.

Anyone else every witness this?


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