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Public Safety October 22, 2012 at 11:49 am

Police Flood Lights on 5th and Ingraham

Anyone know why the police have set up shop on the northeast corner of 5th and Ingraham, NW?  A van with flood lights are lighting up the already fairly well lit street and a police car is also standing guard.
I know there was a dog attack closer to Georgia Ave, but this seems an odd response to that, if that’s what it is about at all.

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The floodlight towers rotate between areas that are known to have criminal activity.  I’m grateful whenever they’re nearby.  I believe there are only 2-3 or lighttowers in 4D.

I wonder how they measure the effectiveness. How different is this from turning on the lights in a room where a mouse is? The will mouse scampers off somewhere. One of two things happens. Either the mouse moved next door or the mouse hides until the lights go off. How are either of those effective?…. just saying, the mouse is still there.

The floodlight tower on the 1300 block of Columbia Road NW (by the public housing) stayed there for months, perhaps even years.

They’ve had them up around Logan Circle to deter prositution recently.

Per MPD, they were in response to a report of gunfire early Saturday morning.

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