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Plumbing charges from landlord

I live in a small apartment building in the district. I recently got a bill from the company that manages our building for over $150 — for cleaning a drain, somewhere in the building. According to the letter, there was a hair clog in the drain and all tenants are being charged, because “hair is actually not meant to go down drains,” according to a note I got from the management company. So the charge to unclog it is being divided among us, the tenants.

The lease says the landlord is responsible for routine maintenance. They insist that hair is not routine. I don’t think we should have to pay this. They are sending repeat notices, demanding payment. I would appreciate any guidance.


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I’d politely fight the bill. Ask your landlord to provide proof in the form of plumber invoice that the hair clog originated from one of your drains. It’s even possible that the clog was on the other side of the building clogging up a sewer drain that was not connected in any way to the drains from your unit. Ask if your sewer drain is in the same vent stack as the location where the clog was cleared. In that case, tell him he is not allowed to bill you for plumber labor for a sewer line that you are not responsible for or could not contribute any waste through that vent stack. Good luck!

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