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Home and Garden August 27, 2012 at 1:50 pm

Plumber Recommendation to Install Hose Bib in Back Yard

I’m looking for a recommendation for a plumber to install a hose bib on the back of our row house (inside unit) in Park View.  We currently have a hose bib on the front of our house, but need one on the back also to make yard maintenance more realistic.  Our basement is finished with a full bathroom, so I’m assuming they would just tap into the existing water supply lines and route a portion through the wall that leads to our back yard.
Any recommendations from the PoP community would be greatly appreciated.

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Last year, I needed a plumber to fix my front spigot. I used O’Neill Plumbing (703-655-0071 / The plumber’s name is Shannon. It was a pretty simple job, but I was very happy with the service…he even offered to take his shoes off when he came in my house!

I used Michael and Son’s for a spigot on the back of my house (assuming that’s what a hose bib is).  I probably paid a bit more than if I used a plumber from a smaller company but it was easy and he did a good job.  He was done in a few hours.  It required drilling through my brick wall and into the basement (I have a walkout) and tapping into the copper lines.  I think any plumber can do this. 

I recently had Michael and Sons replace the hose bib/sillcock in the front of my rowhouse because it had cracked and was leaking water into my crawl space whenever I used the spigot.  They quoted me at $240.  It took the plumber, Damian, a couple of hours and now it works just fine.  Do some research, but I’m pretty sure you want to go with a “frost free” sillcock.  It’s tough to get quotes on small jobs like this.  It might’ve been cheaper had I gone with another plumber who charged by the hour, but I prefer to know what the bottom line will be before starting a project.


I highly recommend Zivko at Payless Plumbing in Silver Spring. He did this on my house, and a bunch of other plumbing work. He deservedly gets great reviews on Angie’s List and Yelp:
I found him b/c his brother, Mirko, works on our heating systems. Also a great guy:

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