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Home and Garden June 29, 2012 at 8:12 pm

Plumber (Good) Recommendation Needed!!

I have leaking that is coming from my master bathroom that I can see downstairs on the dining room celing.  Looking for someone experienced/good, since they may have to open a wall.  

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I used Brookland Plumbing for the exact same problem and highly recommend them.   They very carefull and test incrementally to limit damage and addiotnal repair.   Only problem is tjhey are small and may not be able to get to you immedaitely but it’s worht a try.  The have a straight A rating on Anglieslist.   

WASHINGTON DC 20018 (Map it)
(202) 316-3634
(202) 390-7745

james at reliable plumbing (he is a master plumber).  he bailed us out and did several additional jobs after another plumbing company created mass destruction in my condo. he also has done large jobs for the nih so big and small i trust him.

John C. Flood did a good job for me when I needed a few simple repairs.

We’ve used Thomas Plumbing with great success. 202.829.8100. They’ve even rounded down to the nearest half-hour saving us a lot of $$

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