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Topic: Planting a garden — what plants are native to the area?

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Planting a garden — what plants are native to the area?

Hello all! I am looking to add some greenery to my yard. I was wondering what kind of plants are native to the area? I would like to add flowering plants if possible. 
Any other general recommendations would be appreciated. I have a mix of full sun & part sun.

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For sun/part sun native flowering plants I’d recommend Joe Pye weed ‘little joe’, helianthus, goldenrod ‘fireworks’…homestead verbena may not be native but it attracts hummingbird moths and lots of other beneficial insects and is usually perennial. I like my ninebark shrub and amsonia grass. Here’s a great resource
A few years ago I had my yard Bayscaped thru RiverSmart Homes project (DC Dept of Environment) – worth looking into.

That NPS publication will answer all your questions. You have many choices! Joe Pye Weed is one of my favorites. One of my neighbors has a yard full of coneflowers, and we always have goldfinches hanging around. They would visit my sunflowers, too. You might think about what kind of wildlife you’d like to attract when you are choosing plants. Also try visiting the arboretum and other local gardens to get ideas. The hard part is finding plants. Check the Virginia Native Plant Society webpage for info about native plant sales and retailers.

This is the best way to look at the NPS data:

I also love this Piedmont plant finder, everything here is native to the region.

And I look at the NPIN data a lot. These are their recommended natives for DC.

I shop during the growing season at Green Spring Gardens; their selection is really broad and interesting, low-cost and it’s volunteer-run.
The best garden sale actually in DC is the FONA sale in late April at the Arboretum, though it’s not all native, there is a lot to choose from.  
For VERY specific items I cannot find elsewhere I go to Native By Design in Alexandria.
You can also order a number of plants online; I do that for bulbs, mostly.

In terms of selections – consider based on your soil and water conditions, as well as sun, and height and overall design are worth considering, as well as multi-season appeal.
Assuming you’re like most of DC, average water conditions and clay soil, some good selections could be Aquilegia and Amsonia for spring, Monarda, Echinacea, and Penstemons for summer, and the classic Solidago and Asters (Eurybia, Symphyotrichum) for fall.
As you can guess from my answers, I love this topic and spend too much time thinking about it.  If you have specific thoughts/questions, I’d be happy to try to help out.

You can be innovative when you want to plant something in the garden. Like, starting a vegetable garden at home is an easy way to save money — that $2 tomatoplant can easily provide you with 10 pounds of fruit 🙂

I know it is has been awhile, but I wanted to thank everyone for there response. I am planting today & using all your responses as a guide! Love it!

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