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Curious to hear from anyone who has moved to DC from PGH or vice versa (if for some reason you still look at this blog). How do the two places compare? The wife might have a job opportunity there next year and we could be faced with the proposition of a move. We really like DC but Pittsburgh seems like a good town too.

Specifically we are interested in how they might compare as far as arts/culture, community, food, schools, crime, transportation, parks & rec, quality of life, and general personality of the town.

I know it’s a broad question but anyone that can lend a DC perspective on PGH would be much appreciated. Everyone we’ve talked to there seems to love it – although I think they are biased! 🙂

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I moved from Pgh to DC a few years ago for work, and more specifically I grew up in Pgh and only lived there for a year as an adult, so I may have a slightly different perspective.

But in terms of the things you ask:

Arts/culture: Certainly DC has Pgh beat in terms of this, especially if you consider museums and large scale concerts, etc. to be arts/culture. But Pgh does have a burgeoning indie arts scene, lots of small cool venues, and a couple great museums.

Community: I think Pgh beats DC here. Pgh has a great small town feel to it, whereas DC is full of transplants, Pgh is full of folks that have never lived anywhere else, nor do they want to. In recent years there has been an influx of transplants also, so it’s cool mix.

Food: Since it’s bigger, DC has a sheer higher amount of interesting restaurants, and definitely a lot trendier, expensive ones. Pgh has those too, but a lot more home grown places too I feel like – and plenty of ethnic food, if that’s your thing.

Schools: I know very little about DC schools other than folks generally don’t like them. Being a product of the Pgh public school system myself.. I thnk it’s pretty great. They have some great neighborhood schools (clustered in the East End), and cool magnet programs and stuff too.

Crime: totally depends on where you live, but since Pgh is smaller I think generally there is less?

Transportation: DC wins hands down. Pgh is not a great city if you don’t own a car. Some neighborhoods have good bus service, but most do not. It is possible to get around without a car, but really not ideal at all if you can afford to have one. They are working on making the city friendlier to bikes and such though I think.

Parks and rec: I love rock creek park, but Pgh has way more parks, and lot more diversity to them. Lots of trails to explore. I think I remember reading somewhere Pgh has some of the best mix of urban and park land than any other city in the country?

Quality of life: DC is more urban and crowded, Pgh less so. Housing is WAY more affordable, though I’m sure you know that.

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