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Recreation and Sports November 27, 2012 at 8:13 pm

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Hey PoPVille,
I moved into the District two years ago from Virgina.  I had a great Pilates reformer studio out there that really worked well with folks with injuries (knew how to modify exercises where needed for those with injuries).  I haven’t been practicing since I moved because I injured my leg, did PT, had surgery, then did more PT.  I’m looking for a place that has reformer classes, and works with people who need to modify exercises to deal with injuries (I have back, kneee, and hip problems).  I practiced pilates for years before my most recent injuries, so I know a lot of the modifications I need to do, but I need a studio.  I’ll trek back out to VA if I have to, but I’d prefer not to.  Any thoughts on where I should look?  I’m looking mainly in the Columbia Heights/U Street area, but open to anywhere metro/bus accessible. 

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I take at Vida on U – the instructor did ask about any injuries before I took the class, 16 years of  ballet have wrecked havo on my knees. Group classes consist of 3 students which is a better student/instructor ratio than I’ve seen at other studios. I did google a few studios when I was looking originally and I think there are a couple that are less gym oriented but I don’t recall their names.  

I’ve taken apparatus classes at a few places in town. I went to Excel Movement for several years, including when I was recovering from knee surgery. I found all of their instructors to be knowledgable about anatomy, injuries and modifications. It’s up in Brookland walking distance from the CUA metro. I also found the staff at Pure Joe (13th and Mass) to be good on things like this. Both of these places teach the classic style, in case you care about things like that. I’d regularly go to both, but can’t justify the additional cost on top of my monthly gym membership.

I’ve done it at Mint – both locations offer it. They have private and group reformer classes.


The Washington Sports Club in Columbia Heights offers a few reformer classes and non-members can take them, too. If you are an early bird I highly recommend the 6:30 am class on Wednesdays. A new 8-week session starts in January.

I take pilates at Fuse in Dupont and I LOVE it. It’s not classical pilates, but more of a fusion of yoga, barre, pilates. Although the reformer classes are mostly all pilates. The instructors are great and will help you to modify just be sure to let them know what your injuries are. The reformer classes have max 7 people so you get pretty good individual attention. There are also private classes if you are interested in that.  I would say having taken pilates at several places that the quality of instruction you get at a studio is far superior to a gym so I would go a studio if you can. 

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