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PoPville December 23, 2012 at 5:00 pm

Pick Up Litter – a Plea for a Fresh Start for 2013

There are many things about our neighborhoods we complain about regularly on this site that we can’t totally control.  Litter in our yards, sidewalks and streets isn’t one of them.  I have no hope of impacting the people who think its totally ok to leave Corona bottles and Newport packages in my yard.  However, after months of depressing, garbage covered walks to the metro every day (or to Red Derby, or Target, or Annie’s), my New Years resolution is to bring an empty bag with me every time I leave the house and clean up whatever trash I come across.  I know many of us do this intermittently, but wouldn’t it be awesome if more us did this all the time?  I feel pretty silly making this plea, PoPville, but I hope at least some of you are with me.

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Yes! I applaud your resolution- make sure you start early and not until 2013. I take a couple of bags with me every morning when I walk my dog. It’s a never ending battle, however two of my neighbors are doing the same and there is less litter in our street. In fact our street is almost daily litter free. I don’t stop at my street only, I pick up on Georgia and New Hampshire too. Let’s make this an infectious resolution and see if more will join.

I am in!  My partner and I made this our resolution last year and we did see some progress.  This year we vow to redouble our efforts.  We could all use some collectively raised expectations about the acceptability of littering and how clean our streets and sidewalks should be.

I have picked up litter for many years. It’s immediate gratification each time. I try to recycle what’s recyclabes too.

I don’t usually pick up litter every morning (I always seem to be running late), but I will make a New Year’s resolution to keep a stash of plastic bags in my backpack so that I can grab a little bit of litter if time permits.
In fall and winter, I do most of my litter-picking on weekends, with a “Nifty Nabber” grabber device I bought at Home Depot:  http://www.homedepot.com/h_d1/N-5yc1v/R-203177379/h_d2/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10053#.UN3BNqzl9c0 .  If your neighborhood has as much litter as mine does, you might consider investing in one.

Great great suggestion! This past summer I was walking past the bus stop b/w 15th and 16th on Columbia and someone had, the night before apparently, knocked down a newspaper receptacle, and paper was EVERYWHERE. I stopped to scoop it up and dump it in the trash and literally 3 or 4 people stopped to help! When one person stops and someone sees it, it matters.

I must admit I have done the same for years but only on my own street.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of trash that winds up in my front yard everyday.  I don’t know if it’s the trash/recycle guys when they come to pick up the trash or just people mindlessly tossing trash into my yard??  I usually clean my entire small block – one of my neighbors told me I was crazy – but just because she didn’t mind living on a filthy street doesn’t mean that I do.  I would add one thing to your request and that is next spring and summer once a week we must water our street trees.  They do so much for our environment, shade, temperature control, beauty.  But they suffer do to very small, cramped spaces that their roots have to grow in and lack of water in our hot, humid D.C. summers.  So please everyone, while you’re picking up that trash, please hose down your street trees or take a gallon bucket and give it a 5 gallon drink of water every week.  It will repay you in dozens of ways.

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