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Public Safety April 24, 2012 at 1:00 pm

Petwroth safety during daytime

Dear POPville,

Given the recent increase in crime, I’ve found myself worrying a lot more than usual about walking to the metro and taking buses(64, 63) in Petworth. When I look at the MPD alerts, what really worries me are the muggings and beatings that seem to happen during the daylight hours. After the morning hours of 7-9 am, the residential areas in Petworth get quite deserted, and you can find yourself standing at a bus stop without anyone in sight – which makes me rather uneasy and so these days I try to limit my walking/commuting to the usual morning and evening traffic hours (which also means more bus/metro fares). Have anyone else found themselves in a similar situation, or is this paranoia?

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I think you should always go with your instinct.  If you don’t feel safe then you are probably not.  Crime can happen at anytime.  Just last week I was sitting in my house in the middle of the day and I heard five rounds from a high caliber weapon right outside my window then heard a car speed off.  Someone had done a ‘drive by’ right outside my window.  


I don’t really think there’s been a rise in daytime crime  – I think there’s been a rise in awareness.
And I won’t let the criminals stop me from living my life. So, I pay attention, but I don’t stop doing what I do.

I stay VERY aware but don’t let any apprehension stop me from living my life. Having said that – after about 9 pm I am much more careful and less likely to be out walking about, if only because I feel less secure during those hours. I walk my small dogs in the morning and evening and always have pepper spray with me, but that is mostly to fend off the occasional stray dog from my little ones. Don’t talk on your cell phone or even have it in your hand, don’t carry a bag or purse in a haphazard way, and just stay alert. I find Petworth to be a very safe and friendly neighborhood now that I’ve taken appropriate security measures in my home.

It’s the effin Maryland drivers in the morning that I’m afraid of!!!

I’m inclined to say you sound slightly paranoid but I am generally at work during the day. I would echo what the posters above are saying – go about your business freely but be aware of what’s going on around you. Keep your eyes up (not in your phone or on the ground) when you’re walking around or waiting for the bus.
One specific thing that you should check out if you don’t us it already is NextBus. I know a lot of folks say it’s useless, but I take the 62/63 bus all the time and find NextBus to be fairly reliable. If you walk to the bus stop when you know there is a bus coming then you minimize the amount of time you’re standing around at the bus stop.

Thanks for the replies. Yes, I use NextBus (it’s reliable on somedays, and not on others) and minimize the time I have to wait at the bus stop. I don’t wear my earphones and I don’t talk on my cell phone. But if you’re a small-ish person and you’re all by yourself in an empty neighborhood, there’s really nothing to prevent you from looking like a potential victim. I was curious to know whether others have felt unsafe waiting at a bus stop/walking to the metro during daytime.

afraid durig the ay? that seems pretty paranoid.
im constantly wondering why so many people don’t carry weapons to protect themselves. there are so many options … mace, kubatons, tactical pens, tac folders, karambits and tazers. the list goes on. i know it sounds very southern, but ive carried a folding knife almost everyday since i was 17. how can a grown man not have a knife with him? and for those who work in places where this is not allowed, get a tactical pen and learn how to use it.
if you’re extra worried, get a cold steel espada xl. it folds so itll fit in your purse or pocket.

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