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Life and Society April 3, 2012 at 3:43 pm

Petworth vs Rhode Island Ave. Metro Area (Brentwood)

I currently live in Petworth and my apt building’s rent has increased noticeably for a renewal lease. I am exploring other options and I found that Rhode Island Row has reasonable rents lower than Petworth. My question is how safe is the neighborhood in comparison to Petworth. I’ve heard it was similar to Petworth in “up and coming” category but it would be great to hear from someone who lives in Rhode Island Row or lives within that general area to get their perspective. The rent for a brand new building is very reasonable but I have some concerns about the safety of the neighborhood, especially reading a post on Yelp that he was spit on around the metro station. But that comment was from 2010 prior to the new development. I also had my skepticism when I first came to visit Petworth but seeing the new apt, the security and it’s location right above the metro station for the rent at the time, it had me sold. Rhode Island Row seems to be similar in that regard. I will be visiting the apt building in person this week but any input anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated!

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Petworth is safer than Rhode Island at that point east. The lighting/infrastructure is not particularly good. I’ve been on 1st and RI NW since November and I’ve never had any problems. I’m male, if that makes a difference. But once you cross North Cap, it definitely gets a bit sketchier.

Since safety is a personal tolerance, you could map the address using the DC crime mapper ( to get some statistical idea of the types of crime you might see at RI Row relative to what is reported at your current address in Petworth.

I live nearby in Brookland and haven’t had any issues in the area when shopping, banking, etc. That said, I have read on the MPD-5 Yahoo group that the triangle of RI Ave/4th St/W St has been plague by drug selling and consequently thefts.

they are at different stages of “up and coming”–Petworth/GA has a more market rate housing coming and therefore retail improvements.   Other than the new construction right at the metro, there has not been any new or improved restaurants/bars etc at RI (but maybe you don’t care about that). Petworth is also more accessible to grocery stores, columbia heights and buslines etc.  There is also an enormous public housing complex just behind the strip mall there (the crappy one with popeyes) that is problematic.  7 years ago I looked at a condo newly renovated at 4th and RI, the realtor kept telling me how up and coming it was and that strbucks was opening on the ground floor. That still hasn’t happened and I ended up buying in Columbia Heights which turned out great. Now I own in Petworth and believe its also a good investment.

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