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Neighborhood News October 4, 2013 at 4:22 pm

Petworth Inquiries

New to DC and living in PTW and had a few questions that I plan on combining in this one forum.

1. I read a bit that Georgia Ave (an many other streets) might be getting street cars. Is this not happening anymore?

2. I see a lot of neighborhoods have festivals. Is there one for Petworth?

3. I love local music and local music venues and want to eventually get into the scene here in DC. Any recommendations for local music of all varieties?

Thanks in advance.


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1. They keep delaying it every year. Just add 4 to whatever number you heard.

2. I think Petworth has them but the 11th street might have been the last one since its getting cold.

2. Local music DC9, Black Cat, and Rock N Roll Hotel.

1. Georgia Ave Streetcar line is roughly 10 years out, subject to more delays.

2. Not really. The Caribbean Parade was essentially it, but they couldn’t pay their bills or keep their shit together, so high-tailed it for Baltimore.

3. For local music, stop in Art Under Pressure at Georgia and Decatur and ask the staff. There used to be all sorts of different shows next door at RAS next door until it closed following an apparent dispute amongst the owners.

CH_Gangster, Jim_Ed, thanks for the answers. I am loving PTW.

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