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Religion and Spirituality December 20, 2011 at 4:05 pm

Petworth Christmas service

I’m hosting out-of-town relatives and would like to find a nice Christmas Eve service to attend in the Petworth/CH area. I’m not a regular churchgoer myself–grew up mainline Protestant, so would be interested in something along those lines. Any recommendations?

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St. Paul’s Episcopal in Rock Creek Cemetary.

All Souls Church in Columbia Heights, services at 7pm and 10pm Christmas Eve. Not Protestant per se, but Protestants certainly welcome (and Christmas music will be played).

If there are ant tix left for the National Cathedral, do that. It’s an amazing experience.


 Also, All Souls Episcopal on Cathedral Ave in Woodley Park—not CH though.

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I had forgotten about how close Rock Creek Parish is to me (I’ve only ever been to the cemetery), so this looks like it might be the winner.

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