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Public Safety September 19, 2012 at 4:21 pm

Petty crime/vandalism in U Street area/lower Columbia Heights area

Posted this in the comments, but thought I should share here

My sister prevented a pack of kids from smashing a bunch of car windows yesterday at 3:30pm, in the alley behind my apartment around 11th and W. She saw a group of 4 kids in the alley (in their school uniforms!) and they were looking into parked car windows for valuables with bricks in their hands. She said that they also appeared to be using narcotics, as they kept rubbing some sort of substance on their gums and passing a small baggie between them.  Fortunately, my sister was quick witted enough to open the window that faces the alley and yell – “I see you, I’m calling the police!” – before the kids could smash any of the car windows windows. They scattered immediately and dropped their bricks..
Please keep ALL valuables out of sight in your car. These idiots will smash, grab, and run for anything worth more than $5. Please put everything in your trunk that might attract the attention of these kids. Now that the kids are back in school, I’ve also heard of them messing with peoples’ bikes that are chained up and someone has also been messing with my Vespa scooter.

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Just a thought, but did your sister recognize the school that the uniforms were from? If she did, it might be worth contacting the principal. The principal might be able to help figure out who the kids are, or at the very least step up the random bag-checking of students to see whether any are carrying drugs/bricks/weapons, and work with the community to monitor these after-school shenanigans. And of course it’s worth reporting on her district police listserv to make them aware of the issue and stepping up patrols of the area when school gets out.

Thanks for the comments. Have a link for the police listserv? Will definitely post there.
My sister just moved to DC a week ago and is staying with me until she finds her own place. She has no idea which school they were from and, unfortunately, I was at work when this all went down. All she knows is that they were wearing matching uniforms.

My car was keyed on 12th and Euclid…right near Cardozo high school. I take everything out of my car everyday just to be safe.

11th and W is right by the Meridian Charter School and just down the street from the Cardozo High School. Probably worth notifying both schools.

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