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Topic: Petition for 4-way stops at 13th and Quincy & Quincy and Kansas

Neighborhood News February 11, 2014 at 3:41 pm

Petition for 4-way stops at 13th and Quincy & Quincy and Kansas

Neighbors, we need your help!

Your neighbors on Quincy Street NW are petitioning for *two* 4-way stop signs at these intersections:

1. 13th & Quincy,
2. Kansas & Quincy

We currently have 2-way stops on the Quincy side of each intersection, which means that cars can still speed down 13th and Kansas street without yielding to pedestrians or drivers who are trying to safely cross these intersections. This is the exception to all other safety precautions taken in the neighborhood.

For the safety of all of the people who live in the area it is important to consider a 4-way stop to eliminate more accidents with pedestrians or motor vehicle operators. Two new sets of stop signs would go a long way in the safety of everybody in the area.

Please check out our online petition and feel free to voice your opinion on the matter as well.


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There are 4 ways stops at EVERY other corner around there – far too many already.

I’m with SAF. DC keeps putting up stop signs everywhere without regard to traffic engineering. It’s inefficient and bad for the environment, contributing directly to global warming.

And it’s because of arguments like this. People “still speed” … the problem is enforcement of EXISTING LAWS, not stop signs. “eliminate more accidents” … is there statistically significant evidence of accidents at this site or even anecdotal evidence? “without yielding to drivers” … absent stop signs, one person has the right of way and SHOULD NOT STOP AND YIELD (to a car)! It’s a hazard in this town– people stopping in the middle of the road without a stop sign. The signs on Quincy are pretty clear — “Cross traffic doesn’t stop.”

And yes, they all ought to yield to pedestrians.

All of these concerns (speeding, yielding, crossing) apply to Georgia Ave. Should we put 4 way stops at every intersection? I speak from experience in saying that crossing in those crosswalks would be much less harrowing with stop signs. But it doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do!

I write this as someone who takes less than 10% of my trips by car.

Sorry to add my voice to the “nay” category, but I think that four way stops there could mess up traffic when combined with the traffic light at Kansas, 13th, and Spring. I empathize with you because people really don’t pay attention to that crosswalk, partly because they’re accelerating away from the light (if going north) or are focused on the light (if going south). I just don’t think that there’s a good solution because of the geometry of the streets there.

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