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Home and Garden May 18, 2012 at 10:21 am

permits or not?

to apply for permit or not, for renovating my backyard in historic Mt. Pleasant?

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I think we need more info.  What will you be doing?

Maybe it depends on what you’re doing. But if my experience living in Mount Pleasant is any indication, the neighbors will be all over your stuff if you’re doing anything like major work, so you better have the proper permits. (I don’t mean this as a criticism, simply an observation.)


Yes. It’s a HUGE pain, but it is a LOT easier and cheaper than having DCRA/DDOT/DoE problems.

It depends.. But as a home owner a permit, providing that you are not doing any structural, will take you only a few hours. Go to the home owner section.
Since you are in a historic neighborhood, have before photos of the yard and spec sheets of any type of door, window, tree, fence, plan on installing

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