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Travel and Transportation May 4, 2015 at 7:47 am

Pepco Illegally Monopolizing Parking?


For the last four or five days, the Pepco substation in Logan/Shaw has blocked off a half block of parking — using only cones — as they update their facility. They periodically do work here and usually go through the normal procedure of reserving spots and putting up signs. Is it legal for them to simply put cones on the street and restrict parking without demonstrating any permit? I’m pretty sure a normal business can’t simply do that, but perhaps they get a ‘free pass’ as a utility?

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I think you know the answer to your questions already.

Let me make a suggestion to you: Gather your cash or credit card, go to Pizzoli’s on 12th Street, order two extra-large size pizzas, and some soda or lemonade. Take it over to the Pepco site about 11:00, find the foreman, and show some respect for the work that they do.

Let’s look at this from their perspective. They are here to modernize the electrical substation. They are working with big equipment and large, long trucks on narrow streets that were laid out for horse drawn carriages in the 1880s.

The local residents park across their driveways sometimes. When they (we) walk our dogs, some pick up the poop, others don’t, there’s poop in the grass. Some stranger left a trailer hitch of books recently. Other trash flies on to the property. When they are working on O St, cars whiz by the narrow street. They wear orange safety vests because its required, but they also hope to not get hit by a driver.

In the 10 years I’ve owned my home, the power has flickered once or twice; it’s very reliable.

So, no I don’t have a problem with them putting out cones when they know a work truck is coming. They are planning ahead, good for them.

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