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Home and Garden November 10, 2012 at 2:43 pm

Pellet stove

I am considering having a pellet stove installed in my townhouse this winter as they kick out a lot of heat, are very efficient, and require only a small wall vent vs a chimney exhaust for a wood burning stove. Other than The manufacturer’s specifications for height and clearance requirements for the vent, I can’t find any permit or code requirements for pellet stoves from DCRA or on
I was wondering if anyone else had installed one and which permits did you need specific to the stove?
Thanks all!

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No idea about DC code.  But you’ve made a great choice.  I had a pellet stove in New  Hampshire and it heated my entire house except for the minus-zero days up there.  One bag of pellets in the morning kept the house warm for 24 hrs.  One downside was that it did generate a good amount of dust in my house.  Good luck!

Talk to Mike Tidwell at the Chesapeake Climate Action Network ( He has a pellet stove in his house, is a clean energy advocate, and frequently does open houses to show off his pellet stove (among other things). Check out their website and get in touch, I am sure that they can provide you additional information.

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