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General Discussion April 26, 2013 at 5:51 pm

Pedestrian “walk” button maintenance request?

Hi all,
At one of the intersections that I cross daily, the plastic push-button to the pedestrian walk box has gotten lodged in the “in” position. It’s the box at the SW corner of 16th & Crescent NW. The box at the NW corner of the same intersection still works, so this isn’t the end of the world – but it is the sort of thing that I can imagine would never be noticed by the city.
Does anybody know the appropriate phone or email contact info that I can use to request the fix?
Thank you!

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try or shoot an email to your ward councilmember!

i would suggest calling 311 to report it. it should get funneled to ddot to repair or replace.

you can also use the dc 311 smart phone app to report issues:

Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t get fixed – a lot of those buttons were deactivated when major routes went to timed signals. 

Thanks to all of you for these helpful replies!
Also, interesting to hear that the button may not have worked anyway, pdmtp. Funny to think that I may have been pushing it so long without noticing. I’ll run a test of the buttons on the other corners of the intersection… If they do function, I’ll try all the means suggested by the other commenters and hope for the best.

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