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Public Safety January 24, 2013 at 12:41 pm

Pedestrian struck near Farragut North

Around 10:20am I witnessed a cab strike a pedestrian crossing the street near Farragut North.  The cab pulled over after the accident and the driver was very distraught. The struck woman was lying face-down and did not appear to be moving, at least during the time I was in the area, about 3 minutes (I was in an Uber car).
There were two people tending to the woman immediately afterward, and a number of other witnesses/passerby.  Still – is this something I should call into the police about?  I do have a photo but I don’t think it will be useful.
Also: does anyone happen to know what happened to the woman?

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Yes, call 911! She needed medical attention.  Sometimes in this situation people think that others are calling and then no one calls.  This is called the bystandar effect. Was she in the crosswalk?  The irony is that Farragut West has “Pedestrian Safety” signs up stating tha DC police is doing random checks on pedestrians to ensure their safety.  
This doesn’t apply to this situation, but it is good to know.  During first aid training they teach you to look directly as someone and say “You–Call 911.”  Then the person is more likely to respond than just saying “someone call 911”.

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