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Patio paver options/companies

We are trying to DIY a small 130 square foot patio in our backyard. So far, we have been to Home Depot, Lowes, and Ernest Maier to check out their options. We are getting a bit frustrated because it seems like a ridiculous amount of money for such a small area. The costs are coming in at around $700-$1000 for all the materials and delivery. I understand there is a bit of economies of scale issue going on in that some of the costs are the same no matter whether it is 1000 sq feet or 100.
Does any one have any other recomendations for places to check out? I would really like brick or cobblestone pavers. Are we just being crazy in thinking we should be able to do it for less? We are definitely not looking at super expensive pavers. 

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To do this correctly you are looking at probably 500-700. I would do a french drain system underneath. These things aren’t cheap.

I am not sure if this is part of your project but if you are removing existing concrete and putting in pavers the district will give you a grant through DDOE storwater program.  The theory is that you are removing impervious surfaces to pervious.

“Cam-bridge… Paaaving stone!  With armor-tech, they’ll always look like new!”

My wife and I are about to DIY a paver patio about the same size as yours.  By far the least expensive pavers are concrete pavers (rather than brick, stone or tile) . . . but concrete pavers looks a bit generic, so we’re going to stain them . . . and we’re going to use a mixture of 16″x16″ square pavers and 16″x8″ rectangular pavers, available from the same manufacturer at Lowes . . . to create a more interesting look.  Lowes also has a flat-rate delivery fee, so we’ll be ordering gravel from them as well.  Good luck.


Check out Merrifield garden center for stamped-concrete options for a few different manufacturers – including tech bloc

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