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General Discussion March 12, 2013 at 10:08 pm

Partial Year Tax Return?

Has anyone done a partial year tax return for DC online?  H&R Block is good for federal and full year, but didn’t say until the very end that it couldn’t do the DC partial year, which is super annoying since they’ve already got all the info.  I don’t want to waste time experimenting with all the other online options unless I know one can handle the partial year return.  
Any suggestions?

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really?  I find that hard to believe!  All tax programs I know of (used turbo one year before I moved to professional software) can do that.  


I would just use a tax professional this year. The same thing happened to me with H&R Block online a couple of years ago, although I was never informed by the site that they couldn’t process a half year tax return. So it just processed my MD tax return as if I lived there the full year. I filed the paper form for my half year in DC and wound up getting fined for being only a few dollars off of what I actually owed in DC taxes (it was my first time filing a paper form and it was really confusing.) And since my tax return with MD was also wrong I had to do an amended tax return – two years later I’m still fighting with the MD Comptroller to get back half a year’s taxes. It’s been a nightmare.

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