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Travel and Transportation October 25, 2012 at 1:00 pm

parking spaces in Dupont – 18th and P

Anyone in Dupont notice that the strip of parking spaces on the North side of P, east of 18th St, used to be available for Zone 2 – and is now “de-zoned”?
Seems that this happened in the past 4 weeks. Is it just my imagination or do Zone 2 drivers now have fewer places to park?

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I read somewhere that the city plans to eliminate some parking for bike lanes.

You can petition to get the parking re-zoned by collecting the signatures of 51% of the residences on that particular stretch of road. My block near 11th and W is currently un-zoned and one of my neighbors is collecting signatures to get it zoned. He managed to get the signatures he needed and he said that the city will make its decision in the next 3 months. Not sure that the city will go for it, since we are one of the only blocks in our ‘hood with un-zoned spots.

Good luck!

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