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Travel and Transportation April 1, 2013 at 9:53 pm

Parking options on unzoned street?

Possibly moving to a street in Ward 4 that isn’t zoned for residential parking. I’d hope to be able to drive closer to the Metro or elsewhere in the ward for daily commuting. Anyone have creative solutions? Or has anyone heard of people who rent their driveways or parking spaces during the day?

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I am in this spot, there are a few streets closer to the metro that aren’t RPP, but the Maryland commuters know about these streets as well, so they are often taken. You can park close to metro in the 2 hour zones if you are going to a Caps game or out for dinner, but I am certain if you left it there all day you would get tickets.

Have you checked the metrobus routes? That’s how I usually get to/from the Metro station.

I always check GPS navigation for different ways to reach the same destination. You can try this option and I’m sure will help you.

Well I am one of those people who have lived here since 1994 and then the subway came, but do you not think it is unfair for people to come and take spaces from people who have lived here for many years.  Between the MD, VA and other states, the apartment building folks and people who live in Ward 4, but not close to the subway…do you really think it is fair to take spaces from the individuals that live directly near the subway.  I can’t tell you how many times I have come home from work and there is no place to park, but when you go back to your home you have somewhere to park!  Catch the bus, taxi or walk to the subway and stop taking all of our parking spaces!  WOW

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