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Home and Garden April 23, 2014 at 10:39 am

Parking an airstream on my own property?

I’ve looked all over the DC gov websites and can’t find the answer to this:

I’ve been offered a 25′ vintage airstream trailer by a relative. I have plenty of room to park this in my rowhouse’s back yard (zoned R-4). Is there any DC law/zoning requirement that would prevent this? Nobody would live in it, I would use it for vacations and maybe some extra storage space.

If the trailer is stationary, does it need to be tagged and insured? I want to be sure this is all covered before accepting the trailer. I don’t know what would prevent me from parking this on my own property but knowing DC I would be worried somebody would show up at my door with a fine and a red sticker.


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I don’t know if there’s a law or regulation about this, but one of my neighbors has had a large camping trailer parked behind his house for some time. I hate that thing; every time he gets it out he backs into my lot and nearly crushes my car. So consider not only whether it will fit, but whether you can move it. Also, I’m not sure if they need to be insured through an auto policy (or if your insurer would require a rider), but that will probably cost you. Is it really worth it versus renting a cabin or pitching a tent when you want to rough it?

IIRC from my tour of Boneyard Studios, it’s perfectly legal to have a mobile home parked on your property as long as you don’t live in it. They’ve done quite a bit of digging on this subject and there’s no official definition of “living”, so the type of use you describe should be fine. I don’t know what they do about tags and insurance, though. Good luck!

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