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Public Safety February 6, 2013 at 9:28 am

Park Morton Housing Project — effect on buyers

I am considering buying a condo just off Georgia Ave.  It is within about 3 blocks of the Park Morton housing project.  Should I be concerned about this housing project and its effect on housing prices and general area safety?  I have looked at the government website that says it is redevloping the housing project, but I don’t see many details.  What is the experience of people who live in the area?  Does anyone know of a website or other source that explains in detail what the housing project’s future development plans are?
Any thoughts will be most appreciated,
Potential Resident

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You might also try asking your question on the Park View Beautification Crew group on Facebook: .


Short answer: no. Prices in Park View and areas adjancent to the Georgia Avenue corridor are rising. Buy something now, watch it increase in value as the storefronts along Georgia Avenue fill up.
I wouldn’t buy something directly adjancent to Park Morton, but not because of fears about safety. When the redevelopment work gets going, the construction noise, trash, and traffic will be a nightmare for the duration of the project. The 4D list serve can show you crimes in the area directly adjacent to PM.

We live within two blocks and haven’t had any issues with crime, etc.  In terms of housing value, our house has only gone up in value – currently appraising at 165% our original purchase price three years ago – and I think the area is only on the up-and-up, including the Park Morton Redevelopment Plan! I’d say it’s a great place to live and great investment.

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