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Art October 17, 2012 at 8:48 am

Parent friendly restaurant suggestions

My parents are visiting from West TN this week and I’m looking for some restaurant suggestions in DC proper. Ideally, I’d like to take them somewhere interesting and unique to DC, but I also need it to be relatively quiet, not super crowded and at a price tag that won’t offend their West TN sensibilities. Any ideas?

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How about Old Ebbitt Grill across the street from the White House?  It gets crowded but if you make a reservation in advance you should be fine.  Or you could try Billy Martin’s Tavern in Georgetown, it also a lot of DC history behind it, and it’s where JFK proposed to Jackie.  Again, probably best to make a reservation so you’re not waiting a long time for a table.

My mom, sensible Midwesterner, loves Busboys and Poets. They have a large, relatively inexpensive menu and it’s distinctly DC. Of course, it’s always crowded on weekends, but it’s great for weekday lunch or off-peak dining.

I took my Kentuckian parents to Ted’s Bulletin in Barracks Row, and they’re still talking about it. It’s such great comfort food, but chic enough to seem like a city treat. They also loved 2amys, Bistro LaBonne, and Liberty Tree on H st. All great and in very DC neighborhood spots. 


My folks loved the Argonaut 

I second 2 Amys. But only if you can sit upstairs – it is far too loud downstairs for older folks. By which I mean, older than 11. Alternately, Dino or Palena Cafe. Or if you want to go a little pricier, Bucks Fishing and Camping. 

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