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Home and Garden March 10, 2015 at 2:00 pm

Painting a rowhouse in Columbia Heights


Hi all–

We plan on painting over the current peach-y color of our brick rowhouse in Columbia Heights. Just the front.

Any suggestions for painting companies? Does anyone know a rough estimate of what this will cost us?

Additionally, has anyone ever DIY-ed it themselves and have tips to share?


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We are using a company called Innovative Painters, [email protected]. There were recommended here on Popville a while back. They were supposed to get started this week, but because of all the rain it looks like it won’t be till this weekend. Fingers crossed they do a good job.

For our two story row home, the price inclusive of cleaning, scraping of old paint, prep work and the actual painting is around $2500.

Hope that helps!

I don’t have any idea but i also love paintings.

Thanks it helps a lot!

I face similar sort of situation when i am searching for painting professional for home, about 6 months ago. I have no personal recommendation for painters but I always prefer local On-line directory like Red Becan, Porch and many more when i need professional for home improvement tasks. It makes this task very simple and easy.

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