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Public Safety November 25, 2014 at 10:58 am

Packages stolen off porch


We had several packages stolen off our front porch yesterday (5th and Gallatin NW). Mid-afternoon a man in a bright blue jacket, hat and messenger bag walked up to the house, knocked on the door (presumably to make sure no one was home), and grabbed our stuff. We have security cameras and were able to provide the footage to the police, but be forewarned that this may be a common occurrence in the neighborhood, especially with the holidays coming up.

The police let us know this happens quite often where the thief will grab the packages, then find an alley to open them and transfer the contents to their bag so as not to look suspicious walking down the street with boxes. Think about requesting a signature for future deliveries to your homes.

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Hi Franklin86 –

Sorry to hear about your package theft…I’ve been there. Are you happy with your security cameras? Do you have a wireless system? I’m looking for recommendations.


I live near 14th & Oak Street NW. This morning as I was leaving my building, 2 neighbors were at the front door calling the police. Apparently, a thief stole 3-4 packages from nearby neighbors, went through them, and dumped what he didn’t want on our building’s stoop.

Our building have had a couple of incidents – a neighbor caught a guy trying to leave the building with packages. When confronted, the guy just dropped the packages and left.

Personally, I’ve had problems with packages being delivered in the past year. 3 times, the USPS’s website would state that the package was delivered but I never received anything. I was able to track down 1 package – USPS uses temporary drivers on certain days in certain area, so my package was sitting in the temp’s truck for a week although the website say the package has been delivered. The other 2 packages I now suspect were stolen from our building.

I would suggest that, if possible, you have packages or anything of value sent to your place of work during the Holiday season – especially if you have an open mail area without a doorman or building staff.

I hope these thieves are caught so they don’t ruin anyone’s holiday.

Thanks for the responses, all. tmcoll-We use Dropcam for our system and like it a lot. It allows us to keep an eye on things and have a record in case something like this happens. I’d recommend it.

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